LINE Skis Tech Talk

We sat down with Head LINE Skis Engineer, Peter Brigham, to create a few product videos and dive into detail on the technology that can be found in some of our most comprehensive skis. From the All-New LINE Blade & Blade W, complete with Gas Pedal Metal, to the Vision Collection with our THC Technology, to our insanely fun and innovative Swallowtail Collection, listen in and learn about the technology that drives the performance of LINE skis.

2020/2021 LINE Vision Collection 

We wanted a freeride ski that didn’t exist (yet) so we spun up a few prototypes in the ARC, our development center in Seattle, WA, USA and took them to the hill and holy sh*t we had a winning layup from the get-go. These boards were a passion project for LINE’s internal team, made up of aging (not old, but ya know, aging) LINE freestyle-y riders who still like to ride the lifts but more and more lately have turned to the softer landings and heady skin tracks of the backcountry.

2020/2021 Redesigned Pandora 110

Equipped with THC technology, the LINE Pandora 110 combines a featherweight chassis with a damp and stable feel under your feet. Featuring a refined rocker profile, attuned tapering, and a functional 110 waist width, the Pandora 110 marries deep snow performance with hardpack capabilities.

2020/2021 LINE Swallowtail Collection

Equipped with our swallowtail technology, these skis will take on anything you throw at them. Whether you’re looking to surf through Powder on the Pescado or rip all over the mountain on the versatile Sakana, the Swallowtail Collection opens up a new world of possibilities and fun on the mountain.

2020/2021 LINE Convex Collection

Listen in with LINE’s Head Ski Engineer, Peter Brigham, as he dives into detail on the Convex Technology that is used within the LINE Sir Francis Bacon and the LINE Outline. In essence, Convex Technology is a smooth curvature in the tips and tails of the ski that allows you to surf through deeper snow like never before while maintaining a strong edge grip on the piste.

2020/2021 Redesigned LINE Blend & Tom Wallisch Pro

For the 20/21 season, the LINE Blend and LINE Tom Wallisch Pro have seen some refinements. We worked hand in hand with Will Wesson and Tom Wallisch to make a few necessary adjustments, including a lower swing weight, snappier pop and updated durable Fatty Sintered Bases & Bomb(drop) proof oversized edges.

2020/2021 All-New Blade & Blade W

Designed for skiers who want to lay trenches, catch trannies, and rip all over the mountain, the all-new LINE Blade & Blade W were created with LINE’s core motto of fun in mind. You’ll be grinning from ear to ear in joy after one run on these game-changing all-mountain skis.

Featuring versatile 92mm and 95mm waist widths along with a massive shovel, the Blade’s turning radius can only be described as one thing, tight. Designed to turn like nothing you’ve ever skied before, it’ll allow you to rip up the entire mountain with ease.

LINE 2020/2021 Athlete Product Videos

We work hard throughout the spring and summer months to create some detailed product videos with our team of athletes to talk you through our new lineup of skis and gear, both for your enjoyment, and knowledge. Check em out and get hyped for winter. We’re stoked on this year’s lineup, and we hope you are too!

’21 LINE Blade and Blade W

Featuring a versatile 95mm waist width on the Blade, and a 92mm Waist Width on the Blade W, a massive shovel, and Gas Pedal Metal technology, the Blade is an aggressive and agile all-mountain charger that will allow you to rip, slash, drift, and power through turns like never before.

’21 LINE Chronic

This award-winning ski offers a poppy ride that will crush it just as hard on those harsh big-line jump laps as it will on those smooth burns all over the mountain. Take on the whole mountain, or just hot lap the park, whatever your strain, jib, arc, and blast, on the LINE Chronic.

’21 LINE Honey Badger 

Growlin’ around the park, the LINE Honey Badger holds nothing back and will tackle whatever you put in front of it. Featuring a lightweight and tough as nails Aspen Veneer™ Core, the Honey Badger will tear up handrails, bonks, hard landings, and whatever else you throw at it.

’21 LINE Honey Bee 

The go-to ski for LINE pro-Taylor Lundquist, the LINE Honey Bee will allow you to float like a butterfly and spin like a top. Based off of the tough as nails Honey Badger chassis, the Honey Bee offers durable park performance in an affordable package.

’21 LINE Pandora Collection

Developed with Hadley Hammer, the LINE Pandora series is designed for women who rip. Featuring four different waist widths, with the Pandora 110 for the deep days, the Pandora 104 for off-piste ripping, the Pandora 94 for all-mountain versatility, and the Pandora 84 for hard carving groomer laps, the Pandora Collection opens the door to all different types of women’s skiing.

’21 LINE Blend

Our freestyle team’s favorite ski, the LINE Blend, has been redesigned for the 2020/2021 season. Same buttery LINE Blend flex, same Blend feel, certified and approved by Will Wesson himself. So what’s changed? We’ve blunted the tip for locking in those nose blocks, we’ve extended the sidecut for quicker turning, and we’ve widened the tip & tail for more surface area to press on deep into your butters.

’21 LINE Sakana

Utilizing a unique swallowtail shape and camber through the majority of the ski, the Sakana is made to rail turns on hard snow, but an early rise tip and wide shovel (nose) allow them to surf through deeper snow with ease.

’21 LINE Outline

Voted the Number One Freestyle Powder ski by Freeskier Magazine, the LINE Outline opens up new lanes of powder skiing creativity. Featuring Convex Technology, a smooth curvature in the tips and tails of the ski, the Outline allows you to surf through deeper snow like never before. Our Freeride Team’s favorite powder ski, the Outline is a world of fun.

’21 LINE Vision 98

Whether you’re looking to rally through the freshies, arc on groomers, or even motor skin-tracks, the Vision 98 is up to the task. The 98mm waist footprint offers versatility for those days that you don’t need the float.

’21 All-New LINE Vision 118

The all-new LINE Vision 118 is your ticket to ride on days when the storms are rolling, and the snow keeps flying. A finely tuned taper and rocker profile, and a light core reinforced with THC Technology, the Vision 118 can blast, arc, and surf the deepest of the deep without making your legs feel like lead.

’21 LINE Vision 108

The LINE Vision 108 is back for another year and is not slowing down. Voted the Number One Freeride Ski by Freeskier Magazine, The Vision 108 is stable at high speeds, light in the air, and easy to control. Created with THC Technology, a featherweight chassis paired with a responsive core allows the Vision to be unlike anything you’ve ever skied.

’21 LINE Tom Wallisch Pro

A staple in the park across the globe, the LINE Tom Wallisch Pro has been redesigned. The freestyle legend, Tom Wallisch, worked hand in hand with our engineers to update his signature ski to have a lower swing weight, snappier pop and updated durable Fatty Sintered Bases & Bomb(drop) proof oversized edges.

’21 LINE Sir Francis Bacon

Our most popular ski, the LINE Sir Francis Bacon, is back for another season. Equipped with a versatile 107mm waist width paired with 3D Convex Tech™ it floats and butters through powder without sacrificing performance on groomers and blown out chop.

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