Jake Hopfinger Joins LINE Skis

Jake Hopfinger stoked to start ripping the LINE Vision 108

With an east coast ski racing background, Jake likes to turn and go fast. Growing up in New York and making the move to Bozeman, Montana to go to college, Jake has been distracted from the real world and pursues his passion of skiing by chasing snow around the western US all winter. Jake has slowly made a name for himself by producing a few short films with Benshi Creative, filming a segment for Teton Gravity Research’s film “Make Believe”, and competing at Kings and Queens of Corbets in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

From being the first skier to send a double backie into Corbets, to filming a mind-boggling segment in Benshi Creative’s new flick, Dollar Short, Jake has been crushing the Freeride scene, and we’re stoked to welcome Jake to the LINE family. Read on to learn more about Jake, and see what he’s all about.

Jake Hopfinger 

  1. Age: 23
  2. Location: Bozeman, MT
  3. One Thing You Love: Trees
  4. One Thing You Hate: Olives

What’s The Plan For This Season?

Skiing so much! I’m very stoked. I’ll be shooting another short film with the Benshi Creative crew, a segment with TGR, but most importantly I’ll be collaborating with the magical people at LINE Skis to make some sweet media! @linetravelingcircus, wanna go skiing…?

Why LINE? 

LINE is the dream sponsor! I am so stoked to be a part of such a core brand that makes a huge impact in ski culture. Since I was a kid I’ve always looked up the people that make LINE the way it is. Psyched to add onto the legacy! Oh ya – and the skis are legit too!

Where Can We Keep Up On Your Stuff? 

I’m most active on Instagram at @jakehopfinger. But I would love to be your Facebook friend!