Jonnie Merrill Joins LINE Skis

Jonnie Merrill Joins LINE Skis

Jonnie grew up primarily as a snowboarder at Grand Targhee. It wasn’t until the 9th grade that he became heavily influenced by ski films like MSP’s Focused, which pushed him to transition from one plank to two. Skiing with a group of friends at Grand Targhee, Jonnie quickly became a huge fan of skiing fast, going big, and finding all of the cliffs drops that the mountain had to offer. After high school, Jonnie made the migration down to Salt Lake City to work towards becoming an engineer, while also fueling his passion for big mountain skiing.

As he became immersed in the Snowbird and Alta scenes, Jonnie fell in love with jumping off of stuff at Snowbird and crushing deep pillow lines. Nowadays, Jonnie mirror’s a full-time engineering job with his love for skiing, using his technical skills to help to develop new skis while improving his bag of tricks at the same time. Keep your eye out for Jonnie sending huge cliffs and shredding narrow chutes the next time you’re skiing Alta or Snowbird, you won’t want to miss it.

Read on to learn more about Jonnie, and see what he’s all about.

Jonnie Merrill

  1. Age: 26
  2. Location: Salt Lake City, UT
  3. One Thing You Love: Water
  4. One Thing You Hate: COVID

    Jonnie Ripping on the LINE Vision 118

What’s The Plan For This Season?

Well its tough to plan anything in 2020 (for obvious reasons).. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for 2021, but I’m assuming travel will still be limited. So that will most likely mean a winter near home.. Luckily for me, near home is super rad! My plan is to bounce back and forth between Salt Lake City (where I live full time) & the Teton Valley (where I grew up). Hopefully I’ll also make it up to Montana a lil bit. I’m pretty excited to dig deeper into some zones right near home. With no shortage of terrain to explore, I’m confident that I’ll have a good season regardless of what’s goin on in the world..

Why LINE? 

My impressions of LINE have always been: there’s a brand that keeps skiing fun. To me, skiing is all about hangin with your buds in the mountains and having a good time. LINE embodies the good vibes associated w/ skiing, therefore, I fuck w/ LINE. I can’t wait to try out my new quiver. I’ve had a couple early season days on snow, & my first impressions of the Vision series have me hyped for more!

What Else Should People Know About You? 

  •  Mechanical Engineer stoked on developing products worth using.
  • Very excited to work with LINE to help test & develop some new products.
  • My girlfriend (sid) and I have an adventure pup (blue heeler named Kira) who loves exploring the mountains w/ us.
  • Good food & good beer
  • Nothing better than a quality beach

Where Can People Keep Up On Your Stuff?

Follow along on Instagram @Jonniemerrill

The LINE Vision 98