Posiva | A Movie by Karl Kristian Muggerud & Robert André Ruud

Karl Kristian Muggerud & Robert André Ruud present “POSIVA”. A movie with Norwegian metal music, powder, slush, party & good friends! From powder laps and endless face shots on the LINE Outline, Sir Francis Bacon, and Pescado, to Backcountry Booters and Springtime Park Laps, Karl, Robert, and friends managed to make the best of a 2020 season cut short.

Featuring: Karl Kristian Muggerud, Robert Andre Ruud, Adrian Tøien, Siver Voll, Bendik Øye, Aleksander Kongelf, Mikkel Brusletto, Raffael Garrido, Knut Fineid, Adam Gairns, Calum Macintyre, Ragnhild Mølnvik

Grab Karl & Robert’s Gear 

LINE Outline and Sir Francis Bacon LINE Sakana and Pescado Tails LINE Pescado