You’re Definitely Going to Watch This Twice


Sämi Ortlieb does it all! Seasoned member of the LINE family, obvious multi-talented skier, designer, filmmaker, animator, and bet you didn’t know member of a hardcore punk band.

Art tends to be super successful  when you have to think about a work to understand its purpose/meaning. “Maneuvers (Manöver)” absolutely is just that. An experimental film cooked up by Sämi and filmed together with Level 1. Combining skiing with stop-motion animation, “Maneuvers” next-level animations helped it take this week’s Vimeo Staff Pick Premiere!



Afterwards get behind the scenes look at how it all came to be! Ahead of this week’s release, Vimeo caught up with Sämi to talk about combining passions, leaving room for spontaneity, and planning for the uncontrollable.

>> Behind the Scenes <<



Sämi’s Skis of Choice

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The 21/22 LINE Outline
The 21/22 LINE Blend