LINE Skis · Summer Rail Challenge 2021 Winners


September is here and season stoke is incredibly high on the heels of a crazy ass 2021. Two months of hardware store runs for materials and days of filming with friends in your backyard has led to this!



The 2021 Summer Rail Challenge brought to you by the Finnish Rail Guru Kevin Salonius, is a good reminder that you can always make something out of nothing – and by nothing, we mean some scrap wood, a couple of PVC tubes, oh and more than a few rug burns! Cant forget the huge prizes from Full Tilt Boots, Planks Clothing, GoPro, Msnow, and of course some 21/22 LINE Skis.

Summer setups are a great way to bridge the gap to the next season. Man o’ man did you guys get cooking this year with some absolute HEATER entries. With an absolute overwhelming amount of entries, it was no easy task to narrow down the top 3 videos. But, with the help of Kevin and some of your favorite LINE athletes, we were able to justify three edits that were deserving of the podium. So, without further ado, here are your 2021 Summer Rail Challenge winners!





A big congrats to Liam, Christian, and Marion! We’ve included all three edits below, along with our reasoning behind selecting each one, so keep reading for more!


1st Place – Liam Byrd


Liam Byrd’s entry was a favorite of mine, he had a lot of creativity in his edit and all of the rails he hit looked so fun, especially the circle rail and rail drop to water stood out to me the most.                                                                                                       – Kevin Salonius


Liam’s takes the cake. Very apparent why with our very first ever backyard setup flip into lake?! It gets better as an old trampoline turned feature becomes what feels like a LINE Traveling circus episode! Through diverse setups and technical prowess/clean execution we have a winner! Liam is taking home a prize pack consisting of LINE skis and Full Tilt Boots of his choice, full Planks Clothing outerwear kit, large Msnow backyard kit, and GoPro HERO9 Black camera.


2nd Place – Christian Moser


I really liked everything in Christian Moser’s entry which personally was my favorite, tech tricks, crazy rails and he even used a winch for some of the setups! – Kevin Salonius


There’s a winch! THERE’S A WINCH! Hey we saw that OG Traveling Cirucs Tee. As if channeling the wizard tricks of Andy Parry, Christian battled hard through some wet weather on his PVC playground to our 2nd spot. A solid mix of tech and damn impressive creativity with PVC placement. Uhhhh did we already say there’s a damn WINCH!?

Christian is taking home a pair of LINE skis poles, a pair of Full Tilt Après Booties, Planks Clothing riding hoodie and pants, and medium mSnow backyard kit. Also Christian was selected as Planks Most Creative Trick and Setup Award and will receive a Planks Prize bundle.


3rd – Place Marion Balsamo


I was super impressed by Marion Balsamo’s entry, she killed it! A lot of tech tricks and the rail with the bumps and the whale tail looked really fun. – Kevin Salonius


This ones straight from the farm – goats, horses, and jibs! Marion getting after it and impressing us immediately with a mix of tech and creative PVC rail maneuvers. She takes it to a 10 with the whale tail feature and doesn’t hold back through the entirety. With what we see here super excited to see Marion take this to snow!

Marion is taking home a LINE apparel pack, Full Tilt Après Booties, Planks Clothing streetwear bundle, medium mSnow backyard kit.


Thanks For Entering!

We’re pretty stoked on the turn-out we got in this year’s challenge. In the midst of a difficult summer and time in the world, it shows there is still a very strong dedication to keeping the shred alive – and we couldn’t be more excited to see that so many skiers are still getting after it, even in the absence of snow.!

We’ve listed some other very notable entries below, so be sure to check those out, and you can also view all of the entrants here. 

Shout out to Sam Riddle for the hippy killer and ski slides, he had a really fun edit, I liked his music choice also! I really liked the flow of Aidan Rambo’s entry, he had a lot of good tricks and I like his editing style, bonus points for the sheep in the background! I liked the intro clip in Jack Cady’s entry where he jumped from the trampoline to dropping in on his rail setup, and the edit was really good overall! The tech-level in Alexander Tereshkin’s was insane, super impressive as well! I remember Alexander’s entry from last year was also super tech! There was a lot of other entries that also stood out to me but to keep things short- Huge thanks again to all the people that participated and for keeping summer backyard skiing alive, thanks to my friends that helped with judging the entries and picking the winners, and thanks to the sponsors (LINE, Full Tilt Boots, Planks Clothing, GoPro, and mSnow) that helped with making The Summer Rail Challenge happen! – Kevin Salonius



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