Season Stoke On Your Own Personal Mixtape


MIXTAPE – Presented by Sweet Protection from Benshi Creative on Vimeo.


Word on the street is Benshi Creative is the guy with the tapes like no other. No better way to get stoked for the season than a classic ‘Mixtape’ man! Pull that cassette player out the drawer – CLICK* Track 1 washes over you and its a damn banger (is that what the kids say these days?!)

Somewhere between the smooth transitions and creamy cinematography we find ourselves wanting another listen. Sit back and remember this mixtapes made especially for you with a standout cast of riders including LINE Pro Team athletes Jonnie Merrill and Jake Hopfinger on our Vision Collection.

No let downs on the hard charging riding from the street to the peaks, have another listen to your very own ‘Mixtape’.



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Ride Jonnie and Jake’s Skis from the Movie


The team has seen the light have you? Explore the 2021/2022 Vision Collection.


Vision Collection taking flight in Mixtape
Jake also taking flight on his Vision 108’s in Mixtape