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Eric Pollard’s Self-Edit(s)

Eric Pollard is a skier, an artist, a ski designer, and a film maker. His vision for Nimbus Independent has become reality traveling around the world filming what he wants, with who he wants. The best part is he gets to edit it how he wants. This all started from not being satisfied with how his segments were edited. Enter the famous Eric Pollard “Self Edit”. Even though EP’s day job has become making self edits (and of his friends), he still has time for Line to pump out a fresh one of his 2009 season.

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Podium for Patrick

The Fabulous Ruka Slopestyle, one of the most unique Freeski events in Europe, lived up to its big name! The riding and the atmosphere were more than fabulous at this year’s edition of Finland’s biggest Freeski Event. MC Patrick Hollaus finished third completing a successful weekend, “I had a great day yesterday during the Big […]

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LINE Team Video – Ski & Destroy

The Line Mountain Command is one of the most diverse group of skiers in the world, united under one cause, to have fun and ski as much as possible. From the unique rail tricks of Andy, Will, Max, Leo; tech grabs of LJ, Patrick Garrett; hard charging of Jorgen, the Meatheads, Molly, Erik, to the smooth style of Eric Pollard we at Line are proud to release this mixtape of just a taste of what these guys and gals can do. Check them all out in the Skiers Union and in the many films featuring Line Mountain Command. Enjoy!

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